Friday, August 26, 2011

Balik raya! :D

Helooo. Assalamualaikum. Its 26th of August today! What day is today? Saya balik rayaaa. wehoo.  Walaupun tengah keseorang di dalam bilik menanti adik yg sorang tu habis kelas, takpeelah. Actually i have no idea on what to write, I feel like telling everrryyything. But I dont know how to put the words right. Lol. So many things happened, maybe. And Good things mostly :) Alhamdulilllah Weekend ni pasti busy with cleaning, baking and so on. Definitely I'll bake some cookies, kuih sarang semut, cornflakes and cakess. Cant wait! Hee. My mind for the whole week has been pretty much towards the other week, raya week. Not really because of raya, raya sehari je feel dia, maybe I just want to go back home. And rest for 1 week. I wont pack any books, sebabbb memang tak kan study. Hehehe. Im feeling very happy lately, for a lot of reason. Tapi yelahh, biasa2 jelah. Bila terlalu happy pun rasa insecure tu cepat je datang, so biar rilek2 je lah. :)  Hmmm, i've lost my word. Banyak nak cakap. Tapi, entahlah. Hehe.
Selamat Hari Raya Idul fitri. Maaf zahir batin :)

I found peace when I'm confused not in me, but in you.
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  1. Ili, selamat hari raya jugak. Dan Maaf zahir batin :D