Sunday, July 03, 2011

Really, medic..

Good day people! You know what, there's those time when I just dont know whether Im taking the right path  now. Basically this is about my academic things. eh no, part of life. Im now doing the foundation program of Medical in UIA. So far so good, I've been keeping a 3.8 track for every semester Alhamdulillah. Not to boast out or what, no lah. Hopefully I can mantain or do better. But then, Eventhough being a doctor has been my childhood's dream but sometimes I just feel so insecure whether this is what I can do. I know I can, but the commitment is very high, based on what some experienced people told me. I am not really a really dilligent students like who I was in high school anymore. Right now Im more a relaxed person, I prefer to focus and understand the content pastu gi main main hehe. rather than studying the book for 24 hours. I mean it's still not enough i know Degree lain kot, banyak hafal. Hm I dont like to put force on myself anymore like what I did during Spm. I know no complain and more effort is needed in every goal that we want to achieve, but it just came to my mind whether I can do it..studying..too much. hihihi. Entahla, sekarang rasa agak insecure je kot kan. Takpe lah study je cara kita. Other people can, why cant I? :D  Oh I also have the thought of being a professional baker or pro chef one day. Hahaha. Side dream la yang itu. Hmm it's fine la, apa yang kita ada sekarang adalah peluang kita. Pray for the best je. Assalamualaikum.

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