Thursday, June 16, 2011


The Past, should always be ignored at all ? I guess no. Past isnt always hurtful, and it could be joyful. Without the past, I wont learn anything in life or I would be able to get to know some people that are so important to my life now. From the past, I gain strength from within my family, Making good friends, building friendships & for once I found a love.  I always said to myself or to others, What's past is past whenever problem rises. True. Moving on and find a new hope.  But, there are those time when I feel like going back to the past. But I cant, now.. How immature i am, I always feel inside. Until, sometimes im afraid of the future. This are my little personal feeling I shared here. The thing is, We really need people in our life, for strength. kita semua saling memerlukan. So im trying my best to love all the people around me. 

Probably there will be some days we'll feel exactly like we're in the 'happy' past again, soon or regardless the age. Let all the matters decided by Him :')

PS : Oh Malaysia. Banyak betul isu.  Pening -.-   
Tapi kita kena ingat apa pun, 
'Negara tak masuk syurga atau neraka. tak penting ia dinamakan Islam atau tidak. Insan yg menguruskannya yg akan dihisab di akhirat kelak.'  

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