Wednesday, June 01, 2011

 Hm, I feel like writing again. :( I think I may have gone through a long bad period and probably still in the same bad patch. But, I don't quite feel as bad as before. Maybe it's because I feel like I don't want to care or think about it as much as I did before. I am not sure myself. How positive I wanna be, sometimes I'll just fall for awhile. I've no problem with everyone, really. Im wishing everyone the best. What's past is past.  But, sometimes we'll just want to burst and feel better afterwards. Sorry to all my friends, if I seems like avoiding everyone. I dont wanna talk much about the how are you and what are you now questions. I dont wanna lie. Im just hoping that the family will be better, and the rezeki to come. & I dont know whether Im just in the state of denial or Im beginning to accept anything. Most of you might not understand anything Im saying. Lol. Hmm but this is really ok. This is just part of life, when we feel dissapointed or scared. Those kind of feelings, you know. Life is ok compared to others, alhamdulillah. I know i shouldnt complaint much. I know that I have Allah, to tell everything. And to hope for everything.  He has His better plans for us. In the end, I just want to be fine and feel fine. I know that I'll reach there someday, because I've managed to come this far somehow. I really miss all my close friends. :)

"Ketika kita jauh daripada Allah, iblis yang suka umat manusia bercerai-berai akan menghampiri dan melalaikan kita daripada tanggung jawab terhadap keluarga"

PS :  Hari ni rabu!  Oh cuti. tsk tsk

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