Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 30


Well,  hehehe. I just realized that I havent really finish my 30 days challenge. There's still Day 30th post. "Who are you?" 

 Wajeehah. A really simple person. Yet, is trying the best she could.. for this precious life given by Allah. :) 

Yay habis dah!  *Prob after 3 months ye?  Hihi. :p

Im now just chilling in the room, after studying Comp. book for awhile, Rest is needed.Today is 15th. I've been missing. Hm I dont know.  

These few days, There's some ppl who keeps bothering me. No. Not some ppl. A person. that i barely know. & now, it just become too uncomfortable. :\  Sorry dude

But the week anyway is alhamdulillah okay :) Yeah cant wait for friday. Should be friday fun fun fun with Amira Syud and Raja. Haha. Chillin out at Mira's home before taking the train back with Hnsh and Raja. This weekend I'll be doing something quite naughty la too, Skipping the uia talk. Wajib tau. Tapi. Heheh 
Haruslah teman si adik mau balik ipoh. I too, need some time at home. :D

Bye, nak makan kuey teow kung fu hari ni. Favourite lah hee. Yumyy 

Yahdikumullah Wa Yuslihu Balakum 
(May Allah lead you and ease your thinking) 
Be strong wawa.
from Hnsh's blog.

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