Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yo. :)

Long time no blogging! Haha. Naah, just not much to say. Today, i feel like writing. :) These few days, I dont know. I laughed, watching korean shows. Be infront of the tv all the time.  Not much thinking. Senyum dan ketawa. But in the end, after all, every night, it came back. Sure, I still miss it.  Haha. But, it's really fine. It is never easy to lose something that's so common in your life. Like chinese said, Man man. Means , slow slow. Kan? Takpe lah, ada la hikmah. It's for the best i guess. I still think a lot. But, eventually there's a life we need to live. Atleast I made a very great friend. I wish you all the best, okay. :) It's gonna be long way before I think of having that feeling again. Takmau la main dengan jodoh. Esh, wawa. Hahaha. Nyway, Im going to kampung now. Yeayy fresh air for awhile. Haneesah is going to register in Uia today. Andd yeah, C'mon Barcelona! Pls win. Pls pls pls. :)

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