Sunday, May 29, 2011

Only one week.

Just came back from kg. ada kenduri kahwin. :) Waa penatla. Last night I couldnt really sleep well, woke up in every two hours. And I dont feel like I was sleeping at all. Selsema jugak. So pagi tadi dlm kereta otw ke rumah pengantin kat kepong, tidur. Otw to ipoh, tidur. guna segala peluang yang ada kan. Haha. Btw, Barcelona won! So happy to hear walaupun tak dpt tengok.  Thnks my reporter! Haha. kesian rooney. kesian izhana *die hard manu* :D

 Yesterday Haneesah got in already. I met my friends there who become the volunteers. Seriously I really hope that I'll get a room that's close to Haneesah and all my kwn2 borak hihi. jiran jiran ku. She got a room that's so close to Meen's room and her sister. Next week I wish that I will get a room in similar level. It'll be easier. Kalau bosan okayla. My self complexity is being alone. I dont like it eventhough I seem like that kind of person before,kan ? Haha. Takmau bilik jauh sgt. But it's a new semester, I must start new. Have fun with friends, study well. Dont wanna lah think too much. I also got into the same class with my mrsm schoolmates, the coolest bro Aiman and the cheerful Amni! Hehe. Hmm, It'll be fine...insyaAllah. :)

Well, One weeek.  U know what, i just watch iklan movie Karak. I won't watch it.  Dahla degree kat pahang. -.-

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