Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm back home. :)

Assalamualaikum. Hmm. finally, it's holiday :) Im home since saturday, Alhamdulillah. What to do eh during this holiday? I dont know, right now, I wanna remain as peaceful as possible. I feel like Im quiet-er like i was before i went to Uia,  since I've the feeling that I talked a lot recently, I feel calmer now. Hehe.  Entahla. Dont you ever feel like just living home where you belong and just breath in and out in the home everyday. And you dont really wanna go out..or do something or meeting someone. It's not like we are avoiding anything, just that we just want to have some time with just ourself and our family.  :)  But ofcourse, i still wanna meet my friends later. :)

Now, im reading a book tittled 'The Difference Maker'. Wah, back to my old hobby. dah lama tak baca buku. hihi.  there are some lines i read ... It says that, ' Attitude is the difference maker in our life. What's attitude ? It is the inward feeling expressed by outward behaviour. No one should ever lose a job, miss a promotion, or destroy a marriage just because of a poor attitude. Why? Because a person's attitude is not set, it is a choice.   Life is 10% what happend to us and 90 percent  how we react to it. You know why it's the difference maker of life? Imagine two people apply the same job. Both with equal skills and natural talent, but another one has a better attitude. In that case, the one with better attitude wins hands down. ' True isnt it..for me personally, good attitude is to remain positive about yourself and about others. That's only some i just wanna share, Im still reading... Since i know at this age I am still that kind of person who lacks of life experience dealing with people and life , heheh , hopefully i will gain something from this book. :)  

 Oh btw.. I cooked something different today. Yesterday.. I cooked steamed fish for the first time. And it is one of my favourite lauk. ^^ I just learned from ummi. Today..this morning, i was just watching Asia Food Channel , and suddenly I feel like wathing masterchef again, but I didnt, instead , I looked at the recipe in the website. And I found this one simple recipe. Chicken macaroni bake.  Family suka, seronok tgk habis jugak. Food is awesome. love them.  :D Still, exercise is needed now. Aigoo :D

Aih,  so sleeepy. goodnight everyone. :)
Ps : Just happy to hear from you tonight. :)

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  1. amboi, jgn makan bnyak! nnti gemuk balek :P