Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day 29 - What I've learnt


Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned?

 April 2011. What've I learned? Let see .... um .... K lah,  What've I learned. April 2011.  Firstly, I learned that I am unable to finish a  blogging challenge that requires me to finish within a period of 30 days, lazy me :D  Then, I learned that I could actually make a birthday card by myself yay. It was my very first time I worked so hard on this kind of thing. * Psst, pls dont lose it * or else, siapla. haha kidding. :D  Hmm April was a very happy month. I mostly felt neutral and strong.  I learned how to cheer myself up everyday whenever I feel lonely here. It wasnt like before .. when I would felt so down knowing that everyone's going home. & Im here at CFS. So, u know, Im getting matured now. Hehe. Then I learned about others' lives, stories they hold dear to their hearts, their secrets, their heartaches, their desires and their dream. And I learned about mine aswell.  :D

 My friend called me to watch a video about the engangement beetween Asyraf Muslim and her fiance . It was great to see them. Her fiance is very kind. Asyraf Muslim said that he's attracted by her well behaviour, her islamic way of life. Never mentioned about the way she looks or whatever. Wah great man. I guess knowing people by heart is the most sincere way to love. Allah too, sees our heart only, not by our status or our face.  Hopefully their jodoh with comes to a tie. insyaAllah. Haish hopefully i can be a better muslimah too. Amin~  

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