Monday, May 02, 2011

Arsenal :)

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United.

Today i went out to Jusco Ipoh and watched Thor 3D. Eating Nasi Ayam, McD Sundae Choc and Frenchfries , Big Apple. Happy me today! Hihi. & I went back home at about 6 pm something. I was hoping for some rest, but then my relatives came and drop by at our house. So I gotta greet them. It was okay since it felt very nice to meet them. After taking a shower, then my mom asked us the brother and sisters to siap2 cepat. Ada tahlil dan makan2 birthday pakcik saudara. Haish. I was so lazyy. I didnt wanna gooo. I wanna watch Arsenalll. I wanna just chill infront of the TV. the end. It wasnt an option, it was an order from the parents. So, sokay sokay, I went. Me and my brother, Akmal and my sisters Haneesah and Aisyah were so worried that we'd missed the big game. * Since kitorang semua ni suka arsenal. Baba sorang Manchester U.* Aih. But then , after the tahlil at about 9pm , My sister switched on the channel 812. Hihi. Soooo. Apa lagi. Makan sambil tengok bola lah. Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United. Hahahaha Bangga :D For me, Szczesny is the man of the match! The goalkeeper has made many awesome saves. Ramsey scored his first goal after he recovered from his terrible injury before. and Arsenal has got the control of the game, most of the time. Great passing skills. Yeah, takpe. Mmg tak dpt dah Arsenal nak menang liga sekarang. Tapi malam ni dah menang lawan Manchester United kira oklah. Kira dah block sekejap Manu jadi champion. Kalau Manu menang malam ni, kira points dorang dah cukup nak menang liga, tapi sekarang , sebab chelsea dah menang lawan hotspurs semalam, Chelsea memang ada can lagi  la nak kejar. Dahlaaa next week Chelsea Vs Manu. Confirm best. Ah Im rooting for Chelsea! Hee. Kalau Manu menang liga season ni, kira dorang cipta record baru kalahkan Liverpool. Liverpool dgn Manu dah menang liga 18 kali. Kalau Manu menang cipta record 19 kali , paling banyak menang liga. Takboleee. :p Takdela. Tgkla camne. Oh. Im talking football now. Haha. Happy jugak tengok dengan family. Tgk baba sorang kena attack. Hehehe :D Nyway, Goodnight. Esok pagi buat cookies! Assalamualaikum :)

Ps : From The Gorilla, Thanks for today! :)) 

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