Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Er baru perasan. lupa jugak nak bg salam di previous posts. Haish wawa ni. Sorry sorry. :)

So after a full day rest without any class on Monday and Tuesday, finally I have a class today. And it was so sudden. Haih. U know what, after Subh prayer, I was on the phone until 7.30am. & I decided to sleep again. Suddenly my mate MiraSyud called me about 10 am and said 'Wawa, awk tak gi kelas ke? Madam ada dah ni.' Kelas pukul 10. I was like EH asal tak tahu apa2. Selalunya rabu takde kan. Aiyo clumsy me. Tp klu ada pun mesti di inform. So takpelah, I rushed and took a shower, getting ready. cepat2 cari baju kurung takyah iron dan pakai tudung syiria. Hihi. Done. Ofcourse the class has began , but I wasnt that too late I guess, Sarah and me are able to catch up with the lesson. Alhamdulillaaah madam relaks jugak ah. tak marah. Quiz pun postponed kpd hari selasa. So this weekend ala boring nyee. Im not going anywhere due to the financial crisis Im having right now huhuhu.

One of the Hadith has mentioned (InsyaAllah) : Berkata baik atau lebih baik diam.
I was just chatting with nina yesterday. I wasnt feeling that well, sebab main hujan kat pasar malam . -.- *kebab sedap!*  Soo, kepala macam berat jugak ah. & I wasnt really having a good mood. Entah, maybe it's end of the month, biasalah perempuan. Just chillin in her room, the we talked. How can we be close friends eh? Haha because kita satu kepala lah nina. thanks for being an awesome friend. There's a diff between kawan dan sahabat.  Somehow there are friends who backbiting to others a lot, entahla maybe kita tak satu flow. Haha. Im gonna be friends with anyone. friends are friends kan. But this is just a thought that I wanna share, why do some friends backbiting so much? mmg tak dpt tipula, sometimes terckp jugak. Ey I wanna say my sorry now if I did. It's just that I dont like to hear it, one of my belief in this life is that nobody's perfect, somehow he's gonna lack of something,somehow she's gonna make a mistake, somehow nothing's gonna be the way we want it. There are flaws in life. Remembering this is one of the way for me to control my anger .Or else we'll only see the bad in something or someone, and in the end, your life will be full with negative vibes. tak best la kan. But the thing is, I wasnt in a way to advice them. Huhu. entah, kadang2 rasa tak cukup baik jugak nak tegur orang. Walaupun kita cuma menegah dlm hati, walaupun itu selemah2 cara kan, that's all I could do now. Minta jauhla dari rasa hipokrit pulak. But friends are friends. Hopefully i can be a good one. Nyway, this is just a thought. Entahla, taknak jugak nak ckp banyak. There should be some hikmah in this hadith. Lets ponder and think of it. & This is soo general tau, I donna wanna point to some specific human beings. No lah :)

Ps : Another quote of the day. " My relationship with Maths2 has become too complicated ". Worried. Huuu :(


  1. betol, nobody is perfect (:

    goodluck in your maths wawa :D