Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's maghrib soon. Im online, now. I just finished my Kuey teow kungfu for dinner. Hehh now i just realize that I will only buy Kuey Teow Kungfu for dinner at makanan panas stall at the cafe haha.  Btw, just chit chatting with nina while eating our dinner, she said that some of the science based students like medic changed to engineering course, eventhough Uia wants to kick out about hundred more eng. students to fit in the quota. I dont get Uia. Seriously. They just gonna change things if they want to. Like our timetable, like our group, like our holidays, like our semester. Everything's not organized well. Sokay, 1 more year to go! Well, I hope that I wish finish this foundation without a delay or an extend. so the week is going well so far, Today i woke up at 9.45 am because of the bright sunny hot day. Since i slept quite late, i only get about 4 hours of sleep. Went for a shower and washed the clothes, hungry, i ate maggi. my tummy is not feeling well today. Received a text ; Maths class is postponed. No class today hooray. My friends are all getting ready for their Computer exam tonight, and i was really bored in the room. My roommate is studying by herself and sleeping. I went to nina and meen's room, doing maths there. After asar, i slept in their room in the afternoon and woke up with a dizzy head. It has been awhile for me to sleep in the afternoon. & We didnt to to pasar malam today. So tonight, im planning to finish my maths and my secret art work. A card. Cewah art work sgt. And watch a movie with them. And sleep. Heh, this is like a diary post. Haha. macam ada org kisah nak baca. well whatever lah I just wanna write. Hihi. :D

  Tomorrow's 20th of April. Wah. 19 months is quite long. to say how far this gonna take us in the future , we never now.  There's more to learn in this life, and hopefully we both will be a better person.  Btw you have a special place in my heart and the feeling is like a dandelion seed that is growing and sprouting, and for the flower to grow, I'll always want to give it water , block it from the wind and makes it becomes very precious. A There were some hard times, but I dont wanna remember because, there are some unforgettable moments that i prefer more to remember.  Thanks , i learned many things from you. Hopefully you'll be a strong man! Please take care of me. Thanks dear. ily. :)    

Ps: Aaa. still dizzy. This saturday i definitely gonna go and buy Mcflurry. 

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