Monday, April 18, 2011

Sigh, $$$. & day 22.

 Big financial crisis. I thought it would be enough. But the scholar give me RM1250 to cover the 4 months of the last semester two + the 2 months of the short semester. It is logical right now for the money to be in a low amount ,righhht? I've tried to save enough. Mls nak mintak parents pulak. but I have to now. Huhu. Now 1 months of short sem has passed. 1 months to go. no ipoh. no extra food. Gotta bear with it. isk -.- but everything is enough. 4 weeks are gonna be okay.  

 Day 23 - Something you crave for right now.

Oo. This is is easy. I really wanna eat Oreo Mcflurryyy! Or sundae. Yummy. Lama jugak tak pergi mcD.  :D

 PS : Arsenal draw dengan Liverpool. There goes our season again. Sedih la. :(

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