Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 24 -. sincerely yours,

Day 24 - A letter for your parents

Assalamualaikum. Terima kasih,kerana telah membesarkan wawa sejak 20/11/1992 waktu maghrib sehingga sekarang. Wawa sayangkan dan hormat ummi dengan baba , sentiasa. Terima kasih sbb telah mendidik wawa dengan cara yang paling terbaik ummi dan baba mampu. Wawa bersyukur dapat ummi dengan baba, walaupun kadang2 wawa buat salah, wawa tak dengar cakap, i want you guys to know that day by day, Im doing all of this, studying for the sake of you guys.  Tiada semangat lain wawa perlukan selain harapan ummi dan baba. Wawa tak pernah nak harapkan macam2 kemewahan daripada ummi dan baba, kecuali rasa percaya dan kasih syg ummi dan baba. Wawa harap wawa tak jadi anak yg menyusahkan, wawa harap wawa boleh balas jasa ummi dengan baba. All i want to say is, I hope that u guys will always be in Allah's bless in life and afterlife, be healthy , happy and keep on loving us. Whatever you guys do is enough for me, I hope that you guys will always guide me and believe in me in this life.  Baba, be strong and keep being coool! Ummi, be dizzy-free hihi, you are a superb ummi. Minta maaf atas segala kekurangan kami adik beradik. Love you guys. :)

I dont even know if they'll read this. haha. btw, love your parents more than your friends.. Eventhough you thought that you friends know you better, naaah, it's your parents who will accept your wrongs and rights, even if they dont seem to do that. But do appreciate the friends too!  You know what, it's true that sometimes when they're mad, they're just worried over us. Put yourself into their shoes. Rasakan. There's once when i've the FB issue with them ,alby told me this. And it's really true.  Dont be afraid to approach them, they've tried their best to fulfill their responsibilty from Allah to raise a child, or children... us. So please respect them. dosa kot tidak berkata baik kepada ibu bapa.  Derhaka lah. Nauzubillah. Lets reduce dosa2 kita. Hopefully we can always control our anger, and respect them from now on. Kita tau kita mesti ada buat salah. tapi dah lepas, lepasla. lets grow up and be nice to them. =D 

PS : Ergh, sakit perut lagi. Huhu. Btw, Laila's coming this friday,maybe she wants to sleepover. Nina want me to follow her meeting someone, this saturday,maybe too. Hmm hopefully there wudnt be any clash. Btw lg, Happy birthday Ummi alby :)

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