Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strive for Maths (II).

In the end,

I dont wanna dance like crap. 

I wanna dance like TH's winning dance.



Dont worry.

Allah ( Subhanahu wa ta'ala ) said : If you never felt pain or experienced problems, how would you know I'm the Healer?; If you never made a mistake, how would you know I'm the Forgiver?; If you were never hurt,how would you know I am the Comforter? If your life was perfect, then why would you need Me?

Hadith Qudsi

Hopefully we can be a better servant. Make a step. There's Hope. :) 

Friday, April 29, 2011


PS : You must click the picture first. 

Make a fist and put it in the center of the picture. It looks like the dots are moving ten times faster.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 28 - changes.

Day 28 - A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Mar and me. :D

 BEFORE : 2010. Baru masuk CFS IIUM. Tough days. Baru2 nak sesuaikan diri dulu dengan keadaan. Baru jumpa kawan baru. :) 

Another close friend, Sarah. :)
 NOW : 2011. Sekarang dah 3 sem. Enjoying life with all my friends. Stronger me. talktative me already. *Heh kawan2 cakap* CFS pun dah pakar dah jalan shortcut semua. Wish me the best here. 2 more sem to go! 

 Yo! Today I've class at 8am. It was so hard to open my eyes. Sakit perut. Rasa nak tidur lagi. Hihi. Alhamdulillah ustaz buat kelas 2 jam je hari ni. Boleh la rehat sejam before kelas maths. I realized that I have 2 weeks before the final exams. 11th is UI paper, 14th is Maths paper. Hopefully I can do well. Risau maths ada 2 lg chapter tak diajar. Hm chill wawa.  Btw, tadi lepas maths, kwn2 sy, mar dengan sarah ajak lunch kat kedai mamak. Tiba2 ada tunjuk match Barcelona lawan Real Madrid. Alby dah cakap barca menang 2-0 pagi tadi.*oh. pedro rodriguez mcm muka kwn alby, amir fariqi :D*  Tapi...nak tengok jugak. Kena  pujuk la dorang stay borak2 teman tgk bola. Hihi thanks guys. Stuck depan tv tengok match.  Madrid kena 2-0 dengan barca kat bernabeu. The match was very tense, Pinto and Pepe received red cards, Alves got a hard tackle by pepe, Maurinho with the ref, Messi with his magic work!  Haish. Awesome. :) The question is, Who's going to Wembley? Personally, I wanna see Barcelona kick out Manchester United in the final.  Hahaha. But we'll see how it turn out then. :)

Ps : Currently Im craving for McD's double cheeseburger. Huhu. Study

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Er baru perasan. lupa jugak nak bg salam di previous posts. Haish wawa ni. Sorry sorry. :)

So after a full day rest without any class on Monday and Tuesday, finally I have a class today. And it was so sudden. Haih. U know what, after Subh prayer, I was on the phone until 7.30am. & I decided to sleep again. Suddenly my mate MiraSyud called me about 10 am and said 'Wawa, awk tak gi kelas ke? Madam ada dah ni.' Kelas pukul 10. I was like EH asal tak tahu apa2. Selalunya rabu takde kan. Aiyo clumsy me. Tp klu ada pun mesti di inform. So takpelah, I rushed and took a shower, getting ready. cepat2 cari baju kurung takyah iron dan pakai tudung syiria. Hihi. Done. Ofcourse the class has began , but I wasnt that too late I guess, Sarah and me are able to catch up with the lesson. Alhamdulillaaah madam relaks jugak ah. tak marah. Quiz pun postponed kpd hari selasa. So this weekend ala boring nyee. Im not going anywhere due to the financial crisis Im having right now huhuhu.

One of the Hadith has mentioned (InsyaAllah) : Berkata baik atau lebih baik diam.
I was just chatting with nina yesterday. I wasnt feeling that well, sebab main hujan kat pasar malam . -.- *kebab sedap!*  Soo, kepala macam berat jugak ah. & I wasnt really having a good mood. Entah, maybe it's end of the month, biasalah perempuan. Just chillin in her room, the we talked. How can we be close friends eh? Haha because kita satu kepala lah nina. thanks for being an awesome friend. There's a diff between kawan dan sahabat.  Somehow there are friends who backbiting to others a lot, entahla maybe kita tak satu flow. Haha. Im gonna be friends with anyone. friends are friends kan. But this is just a thought that I wanna share, why do some friends backbiting so much? mmg tak dpt tipula, sometimes terckp jugak. Ey I wanna say my sorry now if I did. It's just that I dont like to hear it, one of my belief in this life is that nobody's perfect, somehow he's gonna lack of something,somehow she's gonna make a mistake, somehow nothing's gonna be the way we want it. There are flaws in life. Remembering this is one of the way for me to control my anger .Or else we'll only see the bad in something or someone, and in the end, your life will be full with negative vibes. tak best la kan. But the thing is, I wasnt in a way to advice them. Huhu. entah, kadang2 rasa tak cukup baik jugak nak tegur orang. Walaupun kita cuma menegah dlm hati, walaupun itu selemah2 cara kan, that's all I could do now. Minta jauhla dari rasa hipokrit pulak. But friends are friends. Hopefully i can be a good one. Nyway, this is just a thought. Entahla, taknak jugak nak ckp banyak. There should be some hikmah in this hadith. Lets ponder and think of it. & This is soo general tau, I donna wanna point to some specific human beings. No lah :)

Ps : Another quote of the day. " My relationship with Maths2 has become too complicated ". Worried. Huuu :(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A good song when in bumps. :)

Mimpi adalah kunci
Untuk kita menaklukkan dunia
Berlarilah tanpa lelah
Sampai engkau meraihnya

Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu
Bebaskan mimpimu di angkasa
Warnai bintang di jiwa

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia

[ Lyrics from: ]
Cinta kepada hidup
Memberikan senyuman abadi
Walau hidup kadang tak adil
Tapi cinta lengkapi kita

Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu
Jangan berhenti mewarnai
Jutaan mimpi di bumi

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia


Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu.

Ps : Oh rasa nak demam. rasa nak makan bubur nasi huhuu :(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 27 - Why am i doing this.

Day 27 - Why are you doing this 30 days challenge

Hm, like i said before in one of my previous entry, I was bored, reading one of the blog , and the blogger did this. And it seemed fun, I wanna try it out. Im pretty lazy in updating blog, so atleast this gonna help ,atleast I'm gonna post something. Hihihi. :D
Eventhough I maybe have failed actually, because I didnt do it day by day, tp takpelah kot. benda ni je. :p  

Sobs. Arsenal kalah semalam. Sedih jugak. Mcm ... ape ni. Nak kena Wajeehah tgk baru menang eh? Hahaha. Geram dgn livescore semalam. Kalau draw takpe lg. Tiba2 minit 90+ boleh pulak Bolton score Haish.
Anyway,  Im Arsenal through and through - Thierry Henry. Me too :D Takpe lah, bola memang camtu kan. Sedih time kalah je, next game kita fire up balik. Baru smgt sukan kannn. :D

 btw, why am I so lepak aje ni? Dua tiga hari ni byk jugak tidur. bila baca buku UI atas katil, tahu kan apa jadi. zzz. Too much free time ni. Mdm maths byk jugak cancel kelas, Ustaz pun asyik byk seminar. So bila duduk kat bilik, macam tak feel sgt la nak study. Haha. But, I need to revise tonight. Mesti jugak!  Rehat2 jugak kan, study2 jugak. bcos life is all about balance kan. The worldly matter and the afterlife matter, physical matter and spiritual matter. Study and sleep. Lebih kurang. Cewah tp lepas ni blur nak study ape. Haha takdelah, Go wawa. 3 minggu je lagi nak balik rumah. Cuti cutii. Serius lama dah tak balik   :(  

 PS : Really glad that you liked it. *blush*. Yeah lets go to the beach. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why eh?

Do you know the song 'Fight for this love' by cheryl cole?
 "..too much of anything can make you sick. even the good can be a curse..' 
I feel like I'm talking too much for the past few days. Hmm nothing's bad about that. It's just me. I feel like I need to slow down a little bit. Cos it's getting pretty mixed up in my head now.  Huhuhu. 

Yesterday was really great and sweet. I appreaciate it a lot. Thank you so much for coming. I was very very happy. & sorry too if its tiring you :
Fun day with nina and my new Arsenal's mate, Abu, too :)
Two icecream per day! Sundae Done. Mcflurry Done. Hihi

Ps : Weekdays..Studying time.  I will have 2 to 3 weeks before the final. Tak sabar nak cutii. nak bake  :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Awan nano.

:: Where's my awan nano?

Quote from members of 216A. Im so bored today...

Btw ,  

To realize the value of..ONE.

  • 1 year: Ask a student who has failed a final exam
  • 1 month: Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby
  • 1 week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper
  • 1 hour: Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet
  • 1 minute: Ask the person who has midded the train,bus or plane
  • 1 second: Ask a person who has survived an accident
  • 1 millisecond: Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympic

 Hopefully i can sleep well tonight. My friends have nicknamed me Panda recently haish. Tomorrow's a day out with nina and her ____ . hihi. So I will eat my icecream by myself..huhu. Takdela. Nite ppl. :)

Day 26 - Friends

Day 26 - What do you think about your friends?

Tadika Aiman friends : Masa rehat makan dalam talam ramai2. Tp tak igt sape2 dah sebenarnye. Hehe 

SR. Agama Al-hidayah : 6 tahun sekolah sini. Kawan2 srah best. Masa ni sekolah rendah, walaupun dikira sbg budak yg pendiam di sekolah, ramai jugak igt saya ni bila dah besar. hihi. Sbb lps srah , ramai yg pindah sekolah merata2. skrg mostly jumpa kat fb, tempat driving test, uia.  Dorang ni igt kawan. Fun childhood memories :)

SMKGR : Form 1-Form 3. Oklah , rasanya byk yg rapat dengan kawan2 kelas. My first bestfriend is Amalia Faqihah Ahmad Zahari. I love her. 3 tahun bersama banyak jugak kenangan pahit dan manis di sekolah dulu. awesome. Afzal putri aizat kitorang geng.  bila dah jumpa dorang kecoh gila. Seronok. Hmm raja ,hajar ,kesuma..ramai lagi. :)

MRSM PH : Haha I just love them. Izhana laila mamal ila fatin haziqah, syakir , udin ,ejat, dan ramai lg.  aww rindu sangat. I love my schoolmates. Byk benda belajar dengan dorang pasal life. dorang baik dan supportive. borak sama2, belajar sama2, makan  sama2, puasa sama2, raya sama2, exam sama2, kena marah sama2, tidur sama2, happy sama2. Mcm mana tak rindu? Dorang cool la. Had a really precious memories with them. Will definitely be their friend forever. :)

Uia friends : Uia friends oklahh, best. :)  byk jugak kenal kawan2 baru. They're from all over  Malaysia, Hee. Orang kelantan , tganu ,johor, melaka, sarawak.   Yg rapat macam nina, meen, zima, nono, sarah, huda, mar, mirasyud hensem, make my days way better now. :D

Happy 19th birthday to Alby Masssauddi :D  Wah. dah lagi tua dari wawa. Haha. May Allah bless you always, and you're always in good health and living a good life. Semoga hidup juga sentiasa dipermudahkan oleh-Nya. :)

Ps: No more 017579. hurm.  So, dah weekend ni nak buat apa ye? Hmm. Tell me..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zaman kanak kanak. Lots of love :)

Kudos to haneesah. :D

Rindu la zaman kanak-kanak. Sangat rindu bila cari balik gambar lama2 :D Cuba teka mana satu saya. Oklah, bg clue , cuba cari amoi mata sepet. Haha. 

Dulu mesti beli kek aiskrim , Akmal mesti hancurkan hailoh -.-
Wajeehah, Akmal, Nadhirah, Syaheeda, Haneesah :) Aisyah tak lahir lagi. Heuhue

KFC! Sume rambut pendek masa ni. My hair is as macho as a footballer's. kan. Haha 

Can u guess, Mana saya! Mcm little bro kot.Cah comel! :D
Dalam byk2 kitorang masa kecik, saya laa yg paling gemuk. tp paling baik jgk ok ummi cakap. haha. Aw precious moments. I love my family :)

Day 25 - bag

Day 25 - What would i find in your bag?

School bag ( i mean during the classes) - Books, pencilbox, calculator, phone, my room's key, mp3 , purse , my bottle.
Handbags - a small bag which i put my purse, phone, face powder, lip gloss, my room's key, mp3, telekung klu pergi jauh2. so sleepy today. had 2 hours of sleep, tapi baru je makan kat mamak, takkan nak terus tidur. kena relaks dulu. huhu. Yesterday i watched 127 hours, dudee it was so sick. tiba2 fikir, serius ke nak jadi doktor ni? Kalau kena stay bilik mayat, ohh. Tapi, takpe takpe, fear can be overcome. *sedapkan hati :D   

Ps: Petang ni nak exercise! bersama roommate lamaa Ainul.  atleast kena kuarkan peluh. Yosh2  :D 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's maghrib soon. Im online, now. I just finished my Kuey teow kungfu for dinner. Hehh now i just realize that I will only buy Kuey Teow Kungfu for dinner at makanan panas stall at the cafe haha.  Btw, just chit chatting with nina while eating our dinner, she said that some of the science based students like medic changed to engineering course, eventhough Uia wants to kick out about hundred more eng. students to fit in the quota. I dont get Uia. Seriously. They just gonna change things if they want to. Like our timetable, like our group, like our holidays, like our semester. Everything's not organized well. Sokay, 1 more year to go! Well, I hope that I wish finish this foundation without a delay or an extend. so the week is going well so far, Today i woke up at 9.45 am because of the bright sunny hot day. Since i slept quite late, i only get about 4 hours of sleep. Went for a shower and washed the clothes, hungry, i ate maggi. my tummy is not feeling well today. Received a text ; Maths class is postponed. No class today hooray. My friends are all getting ready for their Computer exam tonight, and i was really bored in the room. My roommate is studying by herself and sleeping. I went to nina and meen's room, doing maths there. After asar, i slept in their room in the afternoon and woke up with a dizzy head. It has been awhile for me to sleep in the afternoon. & We didnt to to pasar malam today. So tonight, im planning to finish my maths and my secret art work. A card. Cewah art work sgt. And watch a movie with them. And sleep. Heh, this is like a diary post. Haha. macam ada org kisah nak baca. well whatever lah I just wanna write. Hihi. :D

  Tomorrow's 20th of April. Wah. 19 months is quite long. to say how far this gonna take us in the future , we never now.  There's more to learn in this life, and hopefully we both will be a better person.  Btw you have a special place in my heart and the feeling is like a dandelion seed that is growing and sprouting, and for the flower to grow, I'll always want to give it water , block it from the wind and makes it becomes very precious. A There were some hard times, but I dont wanna remember because, there are some unforgettable moments that i prefer more to remember.  Thanks , i learned many things from you. Hopefully you'll be a strong man! Please take care of me. Thanks dear. ily. :)    

Ps: Aaa. still dizzy. This saturday i definitely gonna go and buy Mcflurry. 

Day 24 -. sincerely yours,

Day 24 - A letter for your parents

Assalamualaikum. Terima kasih,kerana telah membesarkan wawa sejak 20/11/1992 waktu maghrib sehingga sekarang. Wawa sayangkan dan hormat ummi dengan baba , sentiasa. Terima kasih sbb telah mendidik wawa dengan cara yang paling terbaik ummi dan baba mampu. Wawa bersyukur dapat ummi dengan baba, walaupun kadang2 wawa buat salah, wawa tak dengar cakap, i want you guys to know that day by day, Im doing all of this, studying for the sake of you guys.  Tiada semangat lain wawa perlukan selain harapan ummi dan baba. Wawa tak pernah nak harapkan macam2 kemewahan daripada ummi dan baba, kecuali rasa percaya dan kasih syg ummi dan baba. Wawa harap wawa tak jadi anak yg menyusahkan, wawa harap wawa boleh balas jasa ummi dengan baba. All i want to say is, I hope that u guys will always be in Allah's bless in life and afterlife, be healthy , happy and keep on loving us. Whatever you guys do is enough for me, I hope that you guys will always guide me and believe in me in this life.  Baba, be strong and keep being coool! Ummi, be dizzy-free hihi, you are a superb ummi. Minta maaf atas segala kekurangan kami adik beradik. Love you guys. :)

I dont even know if they'll read this. haha. btw, love your parents more than your friends.. Eventhough you thought that you friends know you better, naaah, it's your parents who will accept your wrongs and rights, even if they dont seem to do that. But do appreciate the friends too!  You know what, it's true that sometimes when they're mad, they're just worried over us. Put yourself into their shoes. Rasakan. There's once when i've the FB issue with them ,alby told me this. And it's really true.  Dont be afraid to approach them, they've tried their best to fulfill their responsibilty from Allah to raise a child, or children... us. So please respect them. dosa kot tidak berkata baik kepada ibu bapa.  Derhaka lah. Nauzubillah. Lets reduce dosa2 kita. Hopefully we can always control our anger, and respect them from now on. Kita tau kita mesti ada buat salah. tapi dah lepas, lepasla. lets grow up and be nice to them. =D 

PS : Ergh, sakit perut lagi. Huhu. Btw, Laila's coming this friday,maybe she wants to sleepover. Nina want me to follow her meeting someone, this saturday,maybe too. Hmm hopefully there wudnt be any clash. Btw lg, Happy birthday Ummi alby :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sigh, $$$. & day 22.

 Big financial crisis. I thought it would be enough. But the scholar give me RM1250 to cover the 4 months of the last semester two + the 2 months of the short semester. It is logical right now for the money to be in a low amount ,righhht? I've tried to save enough. Mls nak mintak parents pulak. but I have to now. Huhu. Now 1 months of short sem has passed. 1 months to go. no ipoh. no extra food. Gotta bear with it. isk -.- but everything is enough. 4 weeks are gonna be okay.  

 Day 23 - Something you crave for right now.

Oo. This is is easy. I really wanna eat Oreo Mcflurryyy! Or sundae. Yummy. Lama jugak tak pergi mcD.  :D

 PS : Arsenal draw dengan Liverpool. There goes our season again. Sedih la. :(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 22 - How I'm different.

Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else? 

- I am a die hard fan of Arsenal . I started to watch it at the age of 14. And I am a lady who really watch the football itself, not just the players. hihi.  

- I like to read self-help book. Haha  org kata 'lame', but so what kan?  Mana ada 'lame'. There's a lot i can learn and apply from it. 

- Somehow, my two favourite men, Thierry Henry and Van Diesel, is bold and tough ! Ha Ha Ha

- Whenever i go eat outside, most of the time I will make sure the pinggan are all stacked or the table is not a mess. 

- I dont like Asam and tauhu.  -.-

- I like to combine foods. Biskut dgn ice cream, Nasi goreng ada keropok dan mcm2 lg. Hm, no good for your tummy .

- I prefer to listen to old songs. feeling sikit. :D

- I sometimes gets blur during a conversation. Pretty slow but....embrace it. :D

That's all I've got right now. I've just finished my mid sem exam. Oh. What's this feeling? I feel soo relaxed.  Time for the 'running man' show. Grr too bad it's monday tomorrow. (-.-)

Ps: Hmmm. I couldnt give my presents. What to do. huhu. May u have a great birthday :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 21- CUTE ! :)

Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy

Awwww. KAWAII !!!  When i read the 'Day 21', Suddenly i just thought of cute babies. Haha. Ee so cute :)  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hehe 5 hari terus. :D 16-20.

Ho yeah.. lagi sepuluh (^_^)

Day 16 - Another picture of yourself

So , The left one is Waa, the right one is Jee. Hah. 
Waa : aaa..Tambah. :DD
Jee Hah : Mmm...Tolak. -.-
Waa : aaa...Tambah la kan kan..hihi :DD
Jee Hah : mmm ...tolak! -.-'

I guess they're doing maths!  * Okay minta perhatian , saya tengah mengarut sekarang. Haish.
Wish me the best tomorrow! :) 

Day 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why?

No one! Alhamdulillah with the life I've now :) Couldnt think of anyone. I couldnt imagine another life without my precious family members, with my beloved friends so far. Hidup memang tak sempurna, tapi cukup dengan apa yang ada. Tak menarik la kalau dah tahu hidup kita mcm mana kan. Walaupun kadang2 nak tahu. Clueless right? Taknak tukar :D  

Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have

1#  I wanna score in the short sem. 
2# I wanna AM to have a great birthday soon :D
3# I wanna meet thierry henry and van diesel. HEHE . :D *Eye-candied on them, eye candied only! 
4#  I wanna be a doctor.
5# I wanna go to emirates stadium and watch Arsenal, and meet the players with my husband to be. Ha..ha.. berangan :D
6# Dah dewasa kelak, I wanna go to do Haji ..insyaAllah.  
7# I wanna go travel. I want my parents to go travel too..after all their hard works in raising us!
8# I wanna be a person that could help people in any way. 
9# Sure, i wanna get married and have kids!
10# I wanna eat icecream...the most closest dream so far. Tapi, Nak ice cream mcFlurry! 

Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them?

Wawa - Family yg bagi dari kecil.  ramai orang yg kenal panggil wawa. 

Wajee - Laila, Fida, Miza , Siti Nadiah. 4 orang kawan yang panggil Wajee.

Wawawawa - Ni bila orang panggil nak main2. Haish. 

Wachitah -  Atuk hashim (ayah baba) panggil dulu. Sy cucu plg dia suka kcu. Syg atuk. mcm mana la jd nama tu :P

Jeeha - Ini bila...... orang gedik panggil.  Haha . tak suke jeeha. Haish. Ada dua orang la. Syg dorang :)

Wajeehah -  Nama Ic.  sebab nama penuh.  Suka2.

Mrs Henry - Hihihi. Bg nickname sendiri dulu2 bila chat dgn Imelda, dia mrs fabregas. Dulu dulu.

Sape2 nak tambah? 

 Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in future

Hmmmm. Awal lagi. Kalau ada , adalah. 

Ps : Hurm. nothing to say. Btw, i dreamed a lot today. Nak cerita..dah tak igt. Huhu. 

It's football in the morning!

Hopefully chelsea will win ........................ against ...................... Manchester United !! YEAH.

The PS : Somehow, I feel bad. I notice you'd just run away when you see me just now. Hmm. I dont know why, hope you're fine.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A thoughtful tuesday.

 Minggu ke empat. Sigh, exam tiba2 datang mengejut, exam UI forward ke ahad. Sabtu muet, Khamis presentation UI dan exam Maths.  Ya Allah. Harap2 boleh buat. Trying my best to cope with the time left. Huhuhu. Tau tak semalam dalam hati ni macam, Maths , saya suka main kira-kira dengan awak. Tapi kdg2. Awak ni susah, susah ! Ini masa tengah tension semalam. Entah kenapa rasa risau gila nak exam. Lepas tu datang la Huda, dia ni kawan yang sangat sangat chill dan cool . Dia kat relaks la wa, jangan semua duniawi. Ok nye. Hahaha. Okay. True.
Tiba2 rasa macam , yeah.  Bring it on maths!

Btw, minggu ni banyak jugak belajar drpd kelas UI ( Understanding Islam ). hmmm, rasa tertarik. Ustaz best, kawan2 pun okay.  Bagus jugak bila fikir masuk uia , kurang2 lepas sekolah menengah ada jugak sumber untuk kita belajar ilmu agama. Bukan nak cakap lepas habis sekolah , kita terus lost.  Tapi mungkin masa MRSM dulu, mesti ada pergi surau, kita ada solat jemaah, tazkirah. Ada lah istiqamahnya jugak. Dah selepas tamat sekolah , sejujurnya mungkin banyak dah kurang buat ibadah extra mcm dulu di surau. Cukup hanya solat 5 waktu wajib.   Semua pun bergantung pada diri sendiri samada kita nak baca Quran, solat sunat , semua kan. Tp betul lah, sekarang depends kepada diri sendiri. Nak kata salah environment , universiti takde kelas agama dah, mungkin. Tp itu cuma boleh jadi satu alasan kan. Boleh je kalau ada usaha sendiri nak kenal betul betul agama kita. Sebab... Iman itu perlu dicari. Ingat. Allah pun takkan mengubah seseorang jika dia tidak berusaha untuk berubah. Jgn la cakap , yaaa hidup aku memang macam ni. Macam mana tu macam ni? Ohhh, sampai bila nak rasa terlalu selesa? Saya terfikir.

Bila ustaz tanya, betul ke awak ni islam? Awak kenal ke apa islam? Awak solat ke? Awak faham ? Awak rasa awak beriman? Lebih kurang mcm tu. Dia cakap dalam sususan kata yang lain lah. Tiba2 terfikir dalam hati. Okay. Memang saya ni islam , nama islam .. ucap syahadah. Alhamdulillah, hidup saya,  saya insyaAllah akan buat semua benda yang wajib. Saya tahu. Solat , puasa. Tapi is that it? Kdg2 bila solat pun rasa macam tak sempurna, kdg2 masih rasa macam jauh dengan Nya.  Mcm banyak lagi yang kita tak tahu. Entahla... Bila fikir pun, sampai bila nak rasa selesa dengan hidup kita yang sangat sekejap. Main2 je lagi?   Is Allah satisfied with me? I never know. We never know. Yang boleh menilai iman kita pun hanya Allah, manusia tak. Huhu.  Ustaz cakap , apa pun mula2 kuatkan diri dengan 5 rukun islam kita, tiang2 agama dan hidup,  kerana kalau hilang satu tiang, maka robohla rumah kita. Solat...perkara pertama yang bakal disoal. Moga2 dah besar ni kita tahu la kenapa kita kena solat. Klu dah berjaya penuhkan solat, perbaikinya. Syahadah dalam solat.. puasa..zakat..Haji jika mampu. Kemudian, cari jalan untuk lebih mengenal islam.  Kita semua tahu pasal ni kan. Moga2 tak berat hati kita. Moga2 tak terurai tali aqidah kita. Lets continue our steps towards Him. InsyaAllah. 
Btw, Kalau rasa susah hati .. why not we read this ; 

"Ubat segala penyakit hati adalah Al-Quran , kecuali sakit mati dan tua"  :)

Ps : I eat a lot...Alhamdulillah. Hari selasa hari pasar malam! Kenyang makan wendyyy. Hihihi. Thanks sarah dan mar :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day 13 ,14 ,15.

Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently? 

Day 14 - A picture of you and your family

Day 15 - Put your ipod in shuffle. First 10 songs that play
Unbelievable - craig david
better in time - leona lewis
Aku dan dirimu - Ari lasso dan bunga CL
your call - secondhand serenade
you light up my life -  joe brooks
Here I am - leona lewis
fatamorgana - hijjaz
what are words - chris medina 
everything i do ,i do it for you - brian adams
Aku cinta Allah - Wali band

It's mp3. i dont have an ipod. Hihi. :D

Ps : Penat. Saya ... Maths Overload. and Im officially missing you. :'( But it's ok. I reallly wannna eat some ice cream right now. Just thinking of muet..makes me wanna eat some.  Hopefully i can speak well tomorrow.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Day 11, Day 12

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends

Day 12 - How you found out about blog and why you made one

I  think i found out about blog from my sister , and why i made one, maybe i just want to have one.  At first i was very laazzy. malas nak update. sekarang ni oklah. :D  

Ps : What's for lunch ? Mee Sedap !  Cepat cepat. nak balik kampung esok...makan durian.