Friday, March 11, 2011

Muffin wannabe.

Sobs. Cubalah nak buat muffin first time kali ni , drpd 15 cup , 3 jadi muffin. dan 12 lagi .. macam cupcake :( Huhu, salah sayaaa. Sbb tak fill kan cup penuh2. 3/4 isnt enough wawa for a muffin wannabe, i must remember this. Heehe actually tak plan nak buat malam ni, nak try buat esok sebab badan  rasa  tak sihat sangat hari ni.  Tapi ummi cakap buat kena la buat. haha. I dont mind actually, im having pulak try2 ni kan.  and it's really a fun pleasure to see them eating food i make. :)
 Lepas isya' ingat nak tidur sekejap, instead i headed to the kitchen., to bake this. Hee. Im gonna post some picture i took after they're done. Seronok waktu ni  
* tgklaa, Cup tu kaler merah. my favourite colour :D *

 Okaylah, so tonight i make 3 choc chip muffin , and 12 choc chip cupcake. :D
I wanna rest now....zzz.

Very moist inside, U can taste the Choc Chips in every bites. Yum :D

3 lucky muffin on top!
 Hmph, the colour. Brownier is better. But the taste is so choc chip-ly! :D

Walah so many pleasure inside :D


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