Friday, March 04, 2011

I make a chocolate & almond self saucing pudding!

Not that bad right? :D So today, i tried to replicate a recipe from junior masterchef kitchen. It's called chocolate & hazelnut self saucing pudding with creme chantilly & candied orange zest. Whew. But.. i could only make a chocolate & almond self saucing pudding.Takpela kan. Huhu. I was so bored today , didnt know what to do..Until.. I watched this episode.. spirit comes ~ , looks yummy, and i wanted to try it out! Heee. So, I wrote all of the ingredients ( byk dah ada kat rumah , yay to my $$$ ) , but I dont have hazelnuts (  I took baba's almond, Shh. ) , and milk. Then , I walked to the nearby buy milk. I didnt do the creme chantilly & candied orange zest because the ingredients are hard to find kat kedai runcit sebelah rumah, so takpelah. Hehe. Well it feels kinda good that i make this.  Usually my 2nd sister ,Syaheeda is the one who likes to bake cupcakes, cakes, cokies and ..yeah Desert.  She's very good! I dont really i think.. Hehe. So this is my first time doing it all alone! Yey! (oh except for my family's cookies).  My family likes it, and Im happy with that. :)

W and A Smiley :)

My naughty little sister! 

 watch this,  the recipe and the steps. help yourself :D


  1. Wooaaa! Sedapnyaaaa wawa -.- nak!

  2. Aha camtu, jom tukar dgn mac & cheese mira buat! ;D