Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Every cloud has a silver lining :)

Salam. Good day everyone. Hmm today , it's... what i can say..it's quite a gloomy day, for the few that people i care most. somehow it does affects me too in the inside. huhu. And i thought,  since i dont know what to do, where to go, who to call,hm maybe i could write my heart out here tonight. Sigh..  My dear friend Iz. im glad that you called me this morning at 7am sumthing, grr since i cant pray now so it's a lil early to be awake kan.. hehehe takdelah, atleast i know that she's okay now. i wont tell anything, sure lah. Just that, sometimes life have bumps in it.  Iz told me she was just arriving from home, and going to her class today. Be strong my dear. Thank you for calling me before, when you dont know who to tell to. i got so worried when i heard she cried.  I hope she wont cry so much again, cause i really love her as my friend, and i know how she felt. I know her, and like me too, looks pretty cool outside, but so easily to shed tears. She's a very soft person inside. I hope you'll stay stong for now, and I will be your most faithful friend ever !  Cause you can count on me like a b c , *Haha bruno mars song :D *.  Fighting fighting! Hmm let say it's a test from Allah , to make you even stronger in life. Sabar:)
And my baba.. hmm everytime i think of this, i wanna cry. i know things hasnt being going so well for you now. i dont know how it feel like to lift that kind of burden.. when you've to take the punishment or the burden  when someone else was the one making that problem. I wont talk about the problem caused by 'That Person' here. Eventhough he's someone very close to our family, but i really hope that 'That Person' will learn something from this. Please dont ever make other people's life in trouble again. Only Allah has the power to repay every things we did, so i dont wish anything bad at all towards you.   Im really proud of my baba..that he still cares about That Person even when that person got sick now, well.. baba is a very kind person.At home, he still stays as calm as a father always be,  eventhough i know there are many things in his mind now. Hurm , i wish i can help...but i dont know what to do.I guess what i can do most now, is to be really considerate about everything now, taking care of the home, and  be a good daughter. i will try my best. i know everything will be alright, baba is a very nice person, and Allah will help him. in the end, it will be alright. Alhamdulillah eventhough it's a little hard for now. we're still okay, and have enough.  :)
Alby ..hm i really2 hope you're doing well there.hurm sorry again if i cant be any help to you now. huhu. study hard and goodluck! dont think so much, n be happy too! imy :)

As you can read, the title of my post , every cloud has a silver lining, it means that every sad or unpleasant situation has a positive side to it. so eventhough sometimes, i dont really handle myself that well at times when i have problems too,  and i feel like i dont deserve to talk or give advice about this, but this is true right, be patient and always seek for Allah's help, because He's always there, it's not that He turns away from us, it's that, do we go to Him?  this is for myself too. i hope i can be stronger now. and i hope you guys too. Fighting fighthing! * really affected by korean drama i watched today, yataa! * :)

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