Saturday, March 19, 2011

Entah? Random.

Holiday is over. Alhamdulillah for the result, i accept whatever the number is. Hmm. Im not sure what to say. Random words again maybe? Im bored, Im alone in the room, it's morning, everyone is still sleeping and going out. Well , for the 3's great to be home. To be with people who you love. To be with family, i'll say. Things are well, eventhough some things also hasnt been going so well. but it's alright. Is it really alright? I dont know. God..I wanna be mad when i am mad. I wanna cry when i wanna cry. But i dont do that recently. such a loser and a boring person.  Kan?  I dont know.  I hate this feeling & im feeling that now.  i mean now. gonna be the neutral me again in the afternoon.  so this post is gonna sent out some negative vibe from it. lol. so , dont mind about everything i write here now, i just wanna write. Soo many things in my mind right now. family, myself, lovelife, study, what to do next, more issues blabla. It's nothing really, everything is fine,  i just dont wanna be alone in this. Pening right? It's so hard to understand me. Well, that's probably who i am. apa2 laa. Lol Im rambling all the way, sorry.

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