Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 : Pictures with friends

 Ayy~ It's day 3 already. Since i dont really have many pictures. sigh.. I really want to put a picture with my very close friends from Ipoh, and picture with Izhana and Amalia (my very close friends) I cant upload many , the internet is getting slower now. Huhuhuhu.The first picture is a class picture (501) when i was in MRSM PH, second one is a picture with my very kind friend who understands me at most of the time , Laila. Cheecky one too..Heheh. I miss her!  I hope i can always picture all you guys in my heart.  Thanks for being my friends to whoever is one of Wajeehah's friends! :D 

 Hmmm! Challenge 3 is done! Yataa! :D 

PS:  .. I have dark circles around my eyes today. sigh. Ahhh~ To Haneesah, congrats for your result! Alhamdulillah.. It's alright,  a new kind of life gonna begin after this..hopefully you'll succeed in whatever you do. I'll be behind you always!  Fighting! :) 

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