Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 : Fifteen facts and a picture.

Alright... Day 1. :D

#1 - So, the first thing popped in my mind now is that i can eat non-stop if i want to -.-

#2 - I cannot sleep if there's light, there's no pillow to hug. Huu. Unless if i get so tired. I still sleep in my mom's room sometimes when i go back home. Hehehe

#3 - I dont like movies that involve aliens in it. 

#4 - I dont know how to sew clothes. Err

#5 - I like to watch football since i was 14 years old , and my favourite football teams are Arsenal FC, France, Harimau Malaya. My favourite football star is Thierry Henry.

#6 - If I dont get to be a Doctor... I wanna open a bakery shop or become a kindergarten teacher. Kids can make me happy, no worries much kan? comel pulak. Heee

#7 - Thoughts about future :  A house , i just want a warm looking semi-D house paling hujung. Dapur cantik mcm dlm cerita mat salleh. A husband who wants to be with me for forever. He's not a doctor. 4 kids or more.  Kereta? Lamborghini. Wahahaha

#8 - Now, a student of cfs iium. foundation of medic. 1 more year. After this? Hopefully going to start my  degree year at the main campus.  InsyaAllah.

#9- I  hate Manchester United. Why? Because, in football, we gotta love a team and we gotta hate a team. Kan. Hehehee

#10- I failed three times in driving test. and i still havent owned my own P. Malu.

#11- I am still crying a lot when i watch every episodes of One Litre of Tears. It's a japanese drama. I've watched it for 5 to 6 times already but I couldnt hold myself to cry again . it's based on true story. Sob sob. Sedih sangat T_T  Highly recommended.

#12- I like to eat  kuey teow. My top 3 are Char kuey teow , Kuey teow goreng, Kuey teow kungfu. Yum!

#13- I easily get scared of hearing ghost stories, or anything scary. Takes few days for me to not think of them anymore. huu. semua org jgn cerita apa2 dah.

#14- I recently managed to make 7 recipes during the 3 weeks of holiday!

#15- I hate the thought of losing people i love. 

There, A picture. :D  Ahh tembam..tahu.
I dont know, but i think this is the most recent one.

PS : If God gives us many chances in life , why dont human do that?  It's gotta be a matter of choice. Pain's gonna heal. Hopefully. Oh Ya Allah..

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