Monday, March 07, 2011

Fun :D

I think i overslept today. Since it's holiday..Takpe. Hehe.  It was tiring yesterday. Early in the morning,  I went to tmn. polo with my family, senam2.  After that, we had breakfast at stall near the stadium perak, got home , then.. we washed the cars. At noon, I was in the kitchen the whole time , baking and cooking. Ummi cooked baba's favourite telur masak gulai, I cooked ayam sambal and sup sayur. Then,  My tryout on a new recipe!  It's called lemon meringue cup cake (it looks like a muffin).  Tapi kan.. tak jadi. obviously. Sobs. Topping dia tak jadi. Instead, i did a choc topping. Sigh....But the cake is so yummy. In the end, I  make a simple lemon cupcake with chocolate topping. Fun! :) My family loves it, especially baba. I think I wanna make an Ice Cream Sandwiches later Hee. A simple yummy treat before Haneesah get back home from PLKN this saturday. :) I  watched Liverpool vs. Manchester United at night. The Reds won, 3-1. Best kan!  So now, it's 3 points diff with 1 extra game, nak dekat dah Arsenal. Hehehe. I really really hope arsenal will win this season.  Btw,  It's Arsenal vs Barcelona this wednesday morning. Go gunners! I went to sleep early,but I didnt really notice what time it was. :p
Btw, I was watching Time's Traveller Wife just now, whew.. it's really hard to be a wife of a time's traveller. One blink of your eyes , then he's gone. But still, The advantage is,  he knows the future. Hoho, interesting kaaan :D

Lps cuci kereta. Me and aisyah :)
This is a simple lemon cupcake with a choc sauce topping. Cup dah kena bukak. :p
Just make a few of them. or else.. we all get so fat karang. haha

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