Saturday, February 26, 2011


Salam..Just finished my exam :) It has been awhile...know what. maybe sometimes, u need to keep yourself away from everything, for awhile...I guess.. it could be good.  Hurm, I read this from someone. 'Look and ponder at how that a little twist changed our lives. The unfortunate twist that then turned into a fortunate one. Some saying which goes like, if you haven't get what you want, be patient. Because Allah have other plans for you for now. He has His reasons and He has planned it for you the best way it can ever be. Just be patient and believe in His decisions. We can never argue about His decisions as He knows what's best.'   Good one right :) I hope i can change for the better..why should i complain more? why should I be weak so much? Im 19 soon.. I dont wanna let any person that i love worries, or hurts anymore.. Hopefully InsyaAllah. im not perfect though. but i hope i can.

To any person that i sincerely love and care, all the while, Im sorry for my mistakes. Sorry, If i ever dissapointed you and you and any one of you. Im  a person who lacks of so many things ..yet Im trying my best now! Hope our life, in the end, will turn out well for me and all of you.Lets all pray that Allah will guide all of live in His path.. InsyaAllah. :)