Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Now I know. I am truly sorry.

 You guys are the best parents ,alhamdulillah.Im blessed. Yess i absolutely dont learn it from you..and I know you guys are just worried, living in this big world, all of us are exposed, if i am to be a mother one day,i will feel the same. but i really do mistakes,sumtimes when  i am mad,and got nobody to tell at that moment, i cant hold it inside anymore ,got mad and got carried away.eventhough for me , it was just a word, i was wondering for a day why were u guys so upset about , but now i know. even if it's just a word, it is still not a good one. but  i hope u will understand that at my age, i admit, i am not matured enough.and when we talk about emotions, it's something that we can control , but sometimes we just cant.  hm  i always respect both of you and always need your guidance. i make mistakes in life but i can learn,n thank you for always correcting me. But please dont be worry, i want you guys to believe in me,please do , that i will be fine, and that i do always try my best to be a good daughter and good muslim. that's why i will always try to do good in my studies for i know that's what i can do most now for you, I will listen and do whatever you say.sometimes yes i become stubborn, having moodswings ke,sorry. but I try and will keep trying.And i just wish u to know that my friends.. i learned a lot about life from them all, and they're very nice people. it will be very sad without them. yes i have many kind of friends,but i know to pick whats right and wrong . trust me.  I believe in strong friendships.but.. i know you are ok with it, but you r worried of it.
Hm why am i telling all this..because i know at first, i have my own perception,you have your i just want to make it clear.I just want you to know, I always try my best to be a better person,i honestly dont intend to be rude at all. and im not easily influenced with bad manners,thats what i am sure of myself, i know how to think ,and i understand now why you guys are so upset.. Im truly very sorry. I thought all this for the whole yesterdayy. my friend do help me a lot with this,advice me a lot.i learned to understand why and let down my ego and now i have no problem to accept that i am wrong,you both know what's best for me.

err i write this bcos i come to know that you will read this some time later,huhu. and bcos im good at writing my thoughts or my feelings, not really by talking..
  but i will come to have a decent talk,and explain .communication through this is no good at all, i will want to talk to both of you . love u guys

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