Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Facebook ? harsh.

REALLY, dont talk personal life or express your feelings on facebook. Ok i admit , i mess up and u wont like it. it's a common harsh word  where we heard from movies or watever, dont blame anyone, i just know it myself. and to use it? i just posted it ONCE, and the 'D*m*' word,was just a word. because i was really mad to someone, i guess that time how am i gonna let out my feelings in this kind of situation, in home where i got nobody to tell. maybe you wont understand ,you wont accept. i have my limit sometimes, i can be patient too but i do have my own limits, and i was really frustated with someone, and ding,yes my bad, my wrong,and i truly admit.who will like it? i got carried away and posted the word. Everybody does get carried away with feelings,you all do too. I am not an angel. and i dont necessarily learn it from my friends .seriously. my friends are my friends. i cant help it, just dont blame them.

Im sorry mother and father. I accept that, and now I'd rather to remain silent. I am truly sorry.

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  1. u are right to feel bad coz that kind of word should not be one of ur vocab..though it is commonly heard in movies or say by others but not by us okay!!!yes..we are not perfect but we are trying to be one ..how hard we try..we still have to try..with HIS BLESS..insyALLah we will manage..my responsibility to correct my kids what they had done wrong coz i want the best for them dunia and akhirat.. accept the fact!!!