Monday, May 17, 2010

I guess through time, Im maturing.

i make mistakes. i did silly things .  sometimes i am not aware of it. sometimes i am aware . sometimes i know. sometimes i dont know.  sometimes, i remember. sometimes, i just forgot .  i lost , i find ,i found. maybe i will lose it again. maybe i will find and found it again.  i do things. i make choices.sometimes  i am happy. i am also sad . i have my past , bittersweet. i have no idea of my future though.  i should not blame my pasts . yes, i make mistakes. i also did right things. hey me, dont feel bad. move on. hey me , life has its up and down. hey me , listen. getting lost along ur path is a part of  finding the path you're meant to be on. hey me ,wise up and live.
but all in all, Im enough . thank you Allah.  :D

yosh yosh ! woh really,im writing and feeeeling better! hahahhaha. 

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