Monday, January 25, 2010

day by day ~

Slm. :)
hmm lame da tidak memblogging.
 hri ni sje maw timbg berat.hee. losing about 6 kg.
what about dat   ~
yey ~

hmm u know what . sometimes rase mcm nak menjerit je . because kdg2 i know i wanna let out something
but i dont know how. that's something that i lack of .i never be clear of what exactly is it in my heart.kdg2 i felt something bad or im feeling sad .i know it why but i just dont know how to let it out by words.
huurm sometimes rse bengang jgak ngan dri sendiri. i seriously want somebody to listen up to me.
but then i couldnt let it out .  knapa .? aargh.
hurmm but i guess if it something yg boleh di overcome kan. i'll try to look at the positive way. i know that my prob isnt dat big compare to others. but really lah. sometimes i wanna to tell about it .about what i feel.yes i love to be the universal listener to my friend. it's good to know that dorg cari kite bla ade prob. but why i cant be the one who will tell.
serius lah. im not someone yg akan pendam2 perasaan apa2. tpi sometimes it's hard to face it alone . 
sometimes people tend to look at me as a person who always get calm bla ade ape2 prob. but sometimes really lah act i could not handle everything alone.but blaaah doesnt matter.
kdg2 rsa sedih ngan dri sendiri.hurmm . fhm x.
tahla . i dont know if anyone really understand myself.
whatever lah.

oklah.hmmm im missing someone today. heee :)