Tuesday, December 29, 2009

291209 - AM

Assalamualaikum :D

Waahh. Gud morning ,just woke up at 9am .heheh.
hurmm well i guess today is beautiful day,im looking 4ward to it.& i hope.that.nothing.gonna disrupt this feeling. well it may have got nothing to do with me tho.but to people i love .haha.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister haneesah. cah cah cah. May Allah bless her and be a good daughter and good SISTER(kene2!) and good friend to her friends and good student and good muslimah .
jadi rajen la sket adek oi . haha .for a new year coming, thats mean ur gonna have a short 1 year to work hard n study smart for your spm. never ever waste ur time to something thats gonna waste ur time.heh. um yaa, Stdy la ngan F! haha. well u will prove to everyone . ok . Nvr eva give up dude.insyaAllah bole :D

HAPPY BIRTDAY TO NUREEN . eyt2 nuen. hehe my cousin .u have bright future. just always be yourself and jom jadi bdak mrsm PH. haha. amin2. hmm well congrats again for the 8a's ,i've always thought so that u will get one. dont get stressed out much . be yourself sis. May Allah bless you. and nnti ajar la kakwa buat cupcake lgi sedap dri kak ieda punye! :)

KAKNA KAKNA KAKNA joom balek umah .hahaha .cant wait btw . today we're gonna fetch u and ur gonna live with us.no more New Z. jom blek nnti bagi wawa tgk cite jepun yg best2.and ajar wawa drive . And jom lepak shah alam ngan kkak laila n laila.ok da ckp kan.hehe.OK sista, smoga selamat pulang Malaysia. amin.

this morning,when i woke up .i was looking at my phone and da agak ade msg ,alahai da agak da mesti sya tertido lagi dan x reply.Im always like that .hmm wonder if he gets mad at me.hehe. well i was just soo sleepy yesterday :(
then while eating....
akmal ,kak ieda and cah really does make me felt scary when all of them saying they heard some loud noise outside the house at 1 am something. hey that really scares me..n i started to think of sumthing.not good.huuuuuu. dont want so.
then now..
suddenly im thinking bout how my spm result wud be. arghhh too much thinking. so gonna stop thinking.

ok .lets njoy the day . :) :) :)
im gonna post some picture of kkna n cah bday.later ......
slm .

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